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Episode 68 – Dortmund beat Freiburg… just

Join Stefan Buczko and Matthew Gerrard as the breath a sigh of relief after the Freiburg game while looking ahead to the Champions League match against Zenit and preview the Borussia Mönchengladbach match at the weekend.

Episode 67 – Dortmund beat Nürnberg

Stefan Buczko and Felix from Nürnberg (@tagave on twitter) are rambling about Borussia Dortmund, FC Nürnberg, the relegation fight, the race for second place, the national team and look ahead on the striker situation next Sunday.

Episode 63 – Winning at Braunschweig, previewing Werder and Frankfurt plus more injuries.

Join Matthew Gerrard, Sandra Goldschmidt and Stefan Buczko as they review the win at Eintracht Braunschweig and look ahead to the Bundesliga game against Werder Bremen and DFB Pokal match against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Yellow Wall Podcast Episode 61 – Hinründe and Winter Break Review

Niklas WIldhagen (@normusings) is hosting the first show of the year. He is joined by Yellowwallpod debutant Sandra Goldschmidt (@sanborussia) and all-timer Stefan Buczko (@bvbawesome) for a short Hinründe – and winter break revision. Previewing the first match of the…

Episode 59 – Danke Kevin, Danke Dortmund, Danke Fussball

This episode is all about “Danke Kevin” as Matthew Gerrard and Stefan Buczko discuss Borussia Dortmund’s Champions League heroics. But also check out part two for a quick Leverkusen review, a Hoffenheim preview and Matthew’s attempts to sing Christmas carols.

Episode 58 – Bayer Leverkusen and Olympique de Marseille previewed

Join Stefan Buczko and Talking Fussball‘s very own Alex Handcock as they discuss Dortmund’s victories over  Mainz and Saarbrücken and look ahead to the big game against Bayer Leverkusen and even bigger game against Olympique de Marseille.

Episode 57 – Napoli beaten

Join Stefan Buczko and Matthew Gerrard as they celebrate the big Champions League win over Napoli and look forward to the Bundesliga game against Mainz and the Cup game against Saarbrücken.

Episode 56 – Dortmund lose to Bayern and Napoli Preview

Archie Rhind-Tutt is your host and is joined by Niklas Wildhagen and Stefan Buczko  to discuss the Bayern defeat and look ahead to that crucial Champions League game against Napoli.

Episode 55 – Special: Dortmund v Bayern Preview with Rekordmeister pod

Susie Schaaf and Scott Schröder from the Bayern Munich pod, Rekordmeister join Stefan Buczko and Matthew Gerrard to preview the big game against Bayern on Saturday. James Thorogood from Talking Fussball is on hand to maintain order.

Episode 54 – Dortmund beat Stuttgart but Arsenal beat Dortmund

Part 1: BVB 0 Arsenal 1 with special guest: Alun Rhydderch (@up_the_arse_nal) who is a  die hard Arsenal supporter and  travels to most games, including  the above. Part 2: Stuttgart post-view and Wolfsburg preview.

Episode 53: Dortmund beat Schalke

Join Stefan Buczko and Matthew Gerrard as they celebrate Dortmund’s victory over their rivals, Schalke 04. Also, on the agenda is Jürgen Klopp’s contract extension. This week the pod is joined by special guest Nik Wildhagen of the Talking Fussball podcast..

Episode 44: Dortmund’s narrow win against Bremen & Champions League Draw

Matthias and the gang are back for another week of BVB chat including reflections of the Champions League Draw.

Episode 34 – The one before the one before the Final

Join Matt and Stefan for another edition of the Yellow Wall podcast with a recap the goings on at BVB over the last couple of weeks.

Episode 32 – Real Madrid in the offing

Join Matthew Gerrard and Stefan Buczko for another edition of the Yellow Wall Podcast with all the latest and greatest from Borussia Dortmund including a look ahead to the big Champions League game against Real Madrid.

Episode 19: The one with the beeps

Join Matthew Gerrard, Stefan Buczko and special guest Niklas Wildhagen from the Bundesliga Fanatic discuss BVB’s magnificent win at Werder Bremen last weekend. They also look ahead to the weekend fixture against Nuremberg. Plus there’s the Question Of The Week and…

The Yellow Wall teaser podcast

Your host, Matthias Suuck, explains what to expect from the Yellow Wall podcast.