Borussia Dortmund: a club split into two camps?

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  1. A. R. says:

    to the author:
    could you please post a link to the interview of t.tuchel you mentioned in the article (>>In an interview with Raphael Honigstein, Tuchel told his side of the story.<<)?

  2. Mike Randazzo says:

    To me the Henrikh Mkhitaryan transfer is the one that BvB should of tried not to let happen. Mkhitaryan owed the club at least one more year. The club stuck by him and helped him grow as a player. He could have moved on after this year. He was very selfish and ungrateful in my eyes.

  3. Yijuan Wu says:

    It’s the player insisted to leave to his “dream club.” the BVB official have done their best to keep him.

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