Borussia Dortmund Leave it Late, Again, in 2-2 Draw With Real Madrid, Win Group

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  1. Gagi says:

    Few sticking points:

    1. Gonzalo Castro is not as creative as his role dictates. Gotze was missed.
    2. BVB found themselves behind Real’s midfield pretty often and pretty easily.
    3. The #2 is mainly due to the acres of space left for Dortmund’s back line (and Weigl), even more so as the match went on. Not even the weakest teams in Bundesliga allow us that much freedom. Real can now see why.
    4. Reus wasn’t in an offside position even once.
    5. Weigl is capable of magic. Perfect timing, perfect execution to that pre-assist. 3 touches, BOOM, goal.
    6. Escaping BVB’s press was a child’s play for Real, even funny at times how they easily escaped the press, especially at the back. Appears that closing in the players was the choice, rather than cutting off their passing lanes.
    7. Real scores goals by running behind the backs of the defenders, in their shadows. No cut-backs, only passes between the defenders and the goalkeeper, or crosses.
    8. Real also relies more on “We’re fvcking Real Madrid”, individual quality, pressing resistance and rehearsed attacking plays rather than tactics – though that’s hardly any news.
    9. Piszczek had very few awkward moments. Pass accuracy – 96%!!
    10. We could’ve lost just as easily as we could’ve won.
    11. We should do more counter-attacks. Generally, we dominate the possession, then get hit by a counter. We hardly brake the well-structured, compact opponents. Maybe this could be the solution?
    12. Wow, why did I just write this much?
    13. I’ll stop. Bye!

  2. StefanBuczko says:

    1-3. Yup
    4. Holy shit
    5-13. Yup.

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