BVB Squad Analysis Part 1: The Defence

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  1. Mustafa Mert Yılmazyurt says:

    Hello Luca ! First of all, as a BvB fan, I would like to say that I am following your and your colleagues’s (Lars, Stefan) articles and twitter accounts for several weeks and you are making articles which are very consistent, unbiased and signs at indigested points and I am thankful for that.So, after congratulate you I want to ask you what didn’t you put Larsen as an option in RB position?

  2. Rolands Juhna says:

    Hello! Great article, gives a lot of important information to the fans of BvB! I do agree with all you have written, only would like to add that I hope Durm is recovering as early as possible. His playing style is very suitable for the Dortmund’s manner of the game!

  3. Mats Kullander says:

    And what do you think about JB Larsen?

  4. Luca Gierl says:

    I’ve had him mentioned in my draft and somehow lost that part in the final version, thanks for the heads up!

  5. Luca Gierl says:

    I’ve written a part about him and forgot to put it in the final version. Will update it now.

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