Episode 73: Dortmund continue to win!

This week we are joined by some special guests to discuss Dortmund’s impressive victories over Bayern in the league and Wolfsburg in the cup semi’s.

Episode 72: Dortmund beat Wolfsburg and Madrid

The guys discuss BVB’s comeback win over Wolfsburg and the almost-miracle in the Champions League against Real Madrid. Furthermore, they look ahead to the clash with Bayern and the Pokal semi-final match against Wolfsburg.

Episode 71: Dortmund beat Stuttgart but lose to Real

After a great comeback win against Stuttgart, Borussia Dortmund’s chances of advancing in the Champions League were dealt a significant blow, following their 0-3 loss to Real Madrid. Here to discuss this and more…PLUS a great way for you to…

Episode 70: Dortmund beat Hannover and draw in the Revier Derby

The crew discuss the win in Hannover with special guest Ansgar Löcke and the draw in the Revier Derby. They also look ahead to the difficult Champions League tie with Real Madrid.

Episode 69: Dortmund lose twice but advance to quarter finals

Following defeats in league and Europe, the guys discuss what might be going on at Dortmund and look ahead to the next round of the Champions League, as well as the Revier Derby versus Schalke 04.

Episode 68 – Dortmund beat Freiburg… just

Join Stefan Buczko and Matthew Gerrard as the breath a sigh of relief after the Freiburg game while looking ahead to the Champions League match against Zenit and preview the Borussia Mönchengladbach match at the weekend.

Episode 67 – Dortmund beat Nürnberg

Stefan Buczko and Felix from Nürnberg (@tagave on twitter) are rambling about Borussia Dortmund, FC Nürnberg, the relegation fight, the race for second place, the national team and look ahead on the striker situation next Sunday.

Season Preview

In this very first episode of the Yellow Wall Podcast, Matthias Suuck and Matthew Gerrard take a look back at the Supercup and the first round of DFB Pokal. They also look ahead and preview the upcoming season, including Bundesliga,…

The Yellow Wall teaser podcast

Your host, Matthias Suuck, explains what to expect from the Yellow Wall podcast.