Episode 2: Dortmund defeat Bremen

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  1. aiz says:

    I’m an Arsenal fan with a soft spot for Dortmund. Really enjoyed the podcast. Will hope to be a regular listener.

  2. Saad Noor says:

    Hi, I am a BvB fan from Pakistan, Really happy to see an English Podcast. Keep it up Guys

  3. Fil says:

    Awesome! You guys answered my ? On yur podcast :) THANK YOU!
    Once again, loved this weeks podcast. And I agree with you guys, we should get 3 pts this week and I hope Perisic plays instead of Großkreutz. I didnt thnk Kevin had much of an impact at all in the game. And Perisic has shown time and time again what he brings on the offensive end. My ? For this week is. Hoffman or Amini, who do you think is closer to gttn on the 1st team?

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