Episode 3: Dortmund draw Nuremberg

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  1. fakkanguy says:

    Great pod once again. Hope this gains more traction. Enjoying it much more than I expected, to be honest.

    Good point regarding the difference in play which Reus coming in for Kagawa has made. Perhaps Gotze will start filling that role of dropping deep into midfield to collect.

  2. fakkanguy says:

    Needs more swearing though, this podcast. In German.

  3. Bernadine Lynham says:

    What a treat to find you on FB this morning, I put the kettle on and listened in my kitchen. Wunderbar!! I am an Irish female BVB fan. Been to Dortmund to see the stadium and yes got infected with the BVB virus :). Lots of fans here in Dublin. We watch most of the matchs on ESPN. WE went to Berlin for the Cup Final in May and hope to get to a few matches this season. Look forward to listening to your podcast every week and I have shared it on our Dublin Borussen Page on Facebook.

    Thanks guys

  4. Beth says:

    Envy all that have been to see BvB as I doubt my household budget will see me in Dortmund anytime soon, if ever. Does anyone know if BvB would ever come to the states? Clubs that come go mostly to the east coast (I’m in California) and I’m not a fan of these friendlies, but I would love for the USA to know what Dortmund is. We still call it soccer here!
    Love the pod!

  5. Henry Muehlhausen says:

    Great stuff!!! Right club, right people. See you all next time in Dortmund!

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