Marcel Schmelzer: “Football is rather fun than hard work for us at the moment”

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  1. Mike Randazzo says:

    Monaco if they hold on and win did it dirty and cheap. They should not feel good about reaching the semi’s if they do. It has come to light that their was talks to not play last weeks game and play this weeks then the following week at Dortmund. BUT monaco would not do it because the babies wanted the second leg at their home. How pathetic….they used a terrible siuation in which BvB key defender would be injure dno matter when played. they forced dortmund to have their home leg still dealing with trauma….it is reported just about every player was crying after the game. BvB even considered not playing and just forfieting. Monacoi should be absolutely ashamed. Don;t tell me about match congestion! their excuse was wanting to have second leg at home…its not even as if they earned that right as this is a knockout game. Furthermore even more pathetic they only won the game because of an offside goal that if UEFA had any balls would take away. Monaco abused a situation and literally thius is a form of torture. making the BvB players relieve the trauma less then 24 hrs. Monaco is pathetic and if they advance should feel very very dirty!

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