Official: Borussia Dortmund Part Ways With Head Coach Thomas Tuchel

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  1. Mike Randazzo says:

    Watzke got majorly butt hurt after tuchel called him out about the match against monaco……Watzke needs to own up to that as he is the one who agreed with UEFA that would play….I am sure he had no maliciousness or not caring abut the players but in the moment he made absolutely the wrong call and should live with it….he simply did not like tuchel calling him out on it. His poor excuse that he called tuchel was a joke as he literally called him that very night shortly after being bombed… really think tuchel or anyone else who life was just on the line would be processing what watzke has to say??? they are in shock! it was watzke job….and maybe as Sokratis said they were treated like animals and not what watzke intended but what he caused…this is simply him holding a grudge at tuchel for his mistake and making him look bad and not the way he wants to be percieved.

    As the article says in a sporting aspect this is a is reported auba was tuchel biggest supporter and prob the reason he even stayed this year. Sorry to all the other veterans like sahin but tuchel played the players who were best. Tough you don’t like it….and talking about developing youth? dembele, weigl, and pulisic thrived under tuchel and the reason why BvB look so good at developing youth. It is also certain that most coaches IMO would not have trusted in a kid like pulisic so much.

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