Opinion: Different standards and a farcical fallout as Tuchel leaves Dortmund

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  1. SCaB says:

    Very well stated. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Mike Randazzo says:

    The players that seem to have come out about tuchel are players beyond their prime or irrelevant and maybe only Shmelzer will be there in a year or two. It also seems that Sahin was the one leaking the info to the media and why tuchel left him off the matchday roster totally. Tuchel knew he was going to be fired so why not. The YOUNG players what dortmund is BUILT on and was decided by WATZKE like tuchel very much and have had great success under him….it is also known Aubameyang was also his biggest supporter and probably a big reason he was even here this year. Tuchel is pragmatic and wanted to win games…just like Mou is doing with rooney he did not disrespect the old gaurd for what they had done but it is time to move on!

    Watzke also needs to own up for the Monaco game…whether he texted or called Tuchel it was right after Thomas was just BOMBED…Tuchel would be in shock…even if watzke said we are playing tomorrow ok and thomas said ok….he cannot be expected to think rationally in that moment that is WATZKE job!!! Its Watzke fault and he needs to own up to it….I do not believe Watzke did it out of greed or malice but it was his mistake and his pride and ego and how he wants to be portrayed to the media and the fans had hiim not own up to it but rather try to call tuchel out.

    Also Watzke talks about trust….well he told tuchel he would not sell all 3 players and he did!!! Watzke is okay with BvB being the arsenal of the bundesliga…finish 3rd get a CL spot maybe the odd cup and we are good…tuchel wanted more and there was a pathway! Watzke and his ego though wanted to run things his way, he needed to make sure he gets some credit for everything good the club did. He talks about authority in his open letter..that is pretty telling.

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