Opinion: Palpable Tension Between Watzke and Tuchel Makes Departure Inevitable

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  1. Gagi says:

    Oh what a disgraceful article from Rockenhaus (at least with the Google Translate).

    But what’s worse is that just as we were beginning to see this team improve together, get closer together – the coach gets sacked, rather shamefully, and then we’re back to square one. A lot of the (especially young) players that came because Tuchel had persuaded them or bonded with him (especially during April) will probably be a little disappointed – hopefully none will want to leave. BTW, who will be a better candidate for the coach?

    Lack of trust, I understand. Hard to work with, I understand. Bitterness and smearing Tuchel’s name all over media, I don’t. Especially during these months – after April and before the final few games of the season. That’s not what the “Entrepreneur Of The Year” or any good CEO will do. No, this seems far too personal, he seems to be showing Tuchel that he’s bigger/stronger than him. Like saying: “You’re my bitch!”

    What Watzke has to understand, though, at least regarding to the incident with the explosions, is that Tuchel went through every thing his players did. But the big difference is that he had to help them, nobody did help him with it, supposedly, at least in those 24 hours. That’s why he must’ve felt betrayed – a person superior to you doesn’t take how you feel into account and makes a decision that’s not right – for you, and especially for the players.

    All this I’m writing with the assumption of Tuchel actually being in the bus with the players; whether or not this is actually true I do not know. Correct me if I’m wrong, so I can admit I was wrong and won’t look stupid or ignorant.

  2. Leon says:

    Sacking Tuchel will be such a bad move. He’s had 2 very good seasons with Dortmund so far. Rebuilding a team back to the top which finished 7th after a poor season under Klopp isn’t any easy job to do. Then having to do the same thing again when Mkhi, Ilkay and Mats left isn’t an easy job to do. You have to admire what Tuchel has done with the youth players. Weigl, Dembele, Pulisic, etc, have become such incredible players under him and his coaching style. He will be a HUGE loss to the club and the players. He was building something special with the team and its such a shame we may not get to see the end of it. He had a good UCL run considering it was his first season in the competition. While Bayern lost 4-2 against Real Madrid while drew both games against them (and nearly winning) with a young, injury struck team is admirable. Tuchel should be proud of the direction he is taking the team. Sacking him will take the team back to square 1 again, where it was in Klopp’s last season with Dortmund. We may win our first trophy in 5 years because of him. He deserves more respect from the fans and management with what the has done in his 2 seasons. I really hope he sticks around, he’s the perfect person for Dortmund. Will be such a shame if he gets sacked. We can’t let a manager like him get away. He’s close with the players and sacking him will affect the players badly especially the young ones.

  3. Jossas says:

    “even if his second season wasn’t as good as the first (even taking the
    upheaval in the squad into account, Tuchel would probably agree with
    that statement).”

    I would like to disagree. With three key-players (including the captain) gone and the two biggest signings (Schürle and Götze) in bad form and/or injured for most of the season, this was a fantastic season. Cup final (with a very good chance for the title), CL quarterfinal (which they could have very well won without the attempted assassination), record CL group phase and still a good chance of a direct CL qualification spot. That is pretty good in my book.

    And whenever I was slightly disappointed about the BVB recently I tended to remind myself how the clubs are doing that before season start where seen as BVB’s strongest contenders for the spots behind Bayern: Wolfsburg, Leverkusen, Schalke, Gladbach. That puts things into perspective too.

  4. Mike Randazzo says:

    It’s bullshit. Watzke needs to take accountability for agreeing to play less then 24hrs……I don’t understand why in that case he just doesn’t acknowledge he F’d up! Period. Sorry but Tuchel is a great coach and they can say whatever they want. fact is they will be worse next season without him……btw maybe Tuchel who is smart gets frustrated when dealing with idiots.

  5. Mike Randazzo says:

    you are correct. he was in the bus.

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