Rivalries are Local: An American Perspective on the Revierderby

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  1. act8686 says:

    Well said. I also live in the Midwest United States (Indiana) and, over the years, have never come across a fan of Herne-West. But, I do know a number of Bayern fans, plenty of whom have felt the need to ask me why, as an international soccer fan in the United States, I am not cheering for Bayern–as if that is the only club worth following. When I explain my reasons for being a Dortmund fan for so many years (going back to a time when I was an exchange student living with a family near Dortmund), they understand and appreciate my connection, but we still have our own friendly (and, sometimes, not-so-friendly!) rivalries and discussions on match day. Next weekend and the Pokal semi-final will mean more to me than tomorrow’s match, but I’ll still be watching and cheering more loudly than usual tomorrow. :)

  2. constitutionalist09 says:

    I’m German, but since I’m not from the Ruhrgebiet myself ´my feelings regarding the Derby are pretty much the same as yours. It is a special game and defeating the smurfs does feels better than defeating most other teams. I feel a tremendous amount of “Schadenfreude” whenever something goes wrong in their club (which luckily happens quite often..!)
    But it’s just not as emotional for me as games against Buyern. There aren’t many Sch**** supporters living here and to be frank, Sch**** haven’t been able to keep up with us to a point where they don’t really compete with us for anything any longer.

    It’s completely different with Buyern, of course. Every football fan round here that doesn’t support Eintracht Frankfurt will usually be with either Dortmund or the Bavarians. Add to that that even tho we haven’t really given them a run for their money in the league this year, many games against them are actually important, possibly season-determining events. Plus they’re just so easy to loathe.

    If the smurfs are Dr. Evil, Buyern are Emperor Palpatine…

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