The Bundesliga has a problem

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  1. Christoph says:

    Bayern have been very well run, but I think the biggest problem is that they continually poach their closest Bundesliga rivals best players, a strategy they have been using very successfully the last 20+ years. Klose and Frings from Werder, Neuer from Schalke, Ballack and ze Roberto from Bayer, Lewy and Goetze from BVB, etc. On one hand you can’t blame Bayern for buying the best players, but on the other hand this will continually lead to their rivals being diminished. This strategy has been used very effectively by FCB to strengthen themselves while weakening their closest rivals directly as we can see from Werder’s, Bayer’s and BVB’s fall from prominence.

    Perhaps a “Bayern” rule needs to be implemented that teams in the top 3-4 cannot purchase or transfer players from each other? It would stop Bayern from using their financial clout to hurt the next best Bundesliga team, while giving the runner’s up another incentive to make the Champion’s league spot – that the other top teams in the Bundesliga could not steal their best player. I would imagine that this also improves the performance of BL sides in the CL…

  2. Anonymous says:

    No mate, European football and its declinning competivity have see a lot of people arguing about and pointing each other for the lack of any competitivity value, but it was just in fact a natural course of the footballing system that required observation and understanding rather that trying to invent new ways( many of them being STUPID IDEAS) to correct the imblance when the answer is in front of them everytime.


    Sure it would not be perfect but is currently way better and fair than the current operating system, while there are many ideas that can be used to regain a more ccompetitive balance not just in the bundesliga but in all europe.

    Many of them are discussed here along a wide ray of topics http://www.soccerissue.com/category/money-talks/

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think this is great idea… Or even perhaps a Salary cap.

  4. Tristan Borchers says:

    What about the possibility of changing kick offtimes to bring in TV deal more related to the epl? Giving clubs the ability to raise there salary of there star homegrown players as well as increase the likely hood of landing a player from abroad. For an North American fan the change in kick off times would also be beneficial can watch more games through out a day adding in a night game on Saturday, Sunday and Monday would increase advertisement aswell.

  5. Preston says:

    I’m still pretty new to soccer, so I’m sure there is a good reason why it won’t work. But what about an MLB-style luxury tax? Take the average money spent in the Bundesliga (either in transfers, wages, or both), and pick a percentage well above that. If you spend, say, 100% more then the average, every euro you spend afterwards costs you 1.5 euros, where the extra money is redistributed to lower-spending clubs. I suppose it could disincentive competition from clubs more interested in profits than success, but I think the fear of relegation would prevent too much abuse from that.

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