Win over M’Gladbach: Spectacular yet not perfect performance

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  1. Stefan Buczko says:

    “Full Mourinho. HAHA!”

  2. Miles says:

    Full Mourinho?

    That’s a little bit insulting to Jose, isn’t it? I mean, as if he would even try to play such a atacking minded football. Even with Ginter and Durm on the pitch! ^^

    The chip ball from Bürki to Gündogan for the first goal is a little bit underrated. Maybe 40 per cent of the goal, as we say in german. Every time we got the Ball behind the first line of foals, who were very aggressive and often pushed both wingers up front, we loked dangerous. Not just on the counter, but also when the team pushed them into their own third, we showed glimpses of the constructive breakdown tactics of deep sitting teams.
    The occasional long balls to Aubameyang in the direction of the left half space were quite ineffective, due to Schmelzer injury. There is no one like Schmelzer to gegenpress!

    The second half is a little bit confusing, even before the changes it looked as if we had given up our possesion game and concentrated on counter attacking. It worked, but seems so unusual to our stile in the Hinrunde.

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